About the Intention Call

We are young, we are middle aged, we are infants, we are the elderly, we are all of these and we are none of these. We are more grandiose than any label could possibly encompass. We are incredibly complex, we are incredibly simple.

We are indescribable. Our love is infinite. We are love.

We are in this together and we are not… because we are truly one beautiful entity. We consciously co-create with our Intentions in this community.

We are… The Collective.

The IC’s Mission:

Our mission is to gather one Million Intenders from around the World to generate a Powerful Mastermind focused on ONE Intention for 15 minutes once a week.

The IC’s Intention:

Our Intention is to create a coherent pulse of energy to shift the Field in a conscious & desired way.

The IC’s Vision:

The Intention Call is a platform which allows meditators from around the globe to come together for the purpose of Consciously Creating via our Intentions!

Intention Call Vision

The power of collective prayer, meditation, & visualization is now very well documented in hundreds of studies. When two or more are gathered, a third energy is created. Napoleon Hill called this the Mastermind. The energy within the Mastermind is exponential. When you are tapped into this gathering of minds, ideas flow quicker, solutions you would have never thought of “magically appear”, and your emotions and feelings are magnetically intensified!

Unknowingly, you have been participating in this type of activity every time you listen to the radio or sit down to watch the news. Think about the tremendous amounts of “negative” information beamed out into the field, when Millions of viewers are watching the same horrifying images and stories on the 6 o’clock news! Millions of people are feeling emotions of fear, disgust, sadness, anger, and frustration all at the same time! Sitting in the comfort of your home, you have been unconsciously synched up with a humongous number of people generating an exponentially expanding vibration of fear… to the point of numbness. Violence, war & terror have become a normal part of our lives!

The Intention Call was designed to regain control over the Information we collectively beam out into the Field of Consciousness. The first part of the creative process IS your Intention; the underlying vibration behind every thought, every emotion and every action you take! You have a UNIQUE brilliance & singular point of perspective! Our vision is to gather as much of this brilliance as possible and focus it on the things we DO want to experience. We are in the midst of an incredible transformation and it is entirely up to us to choose what we want to create! We believe that in these crucial times, unifying our Intention is essential for the evolution of our species.

Meet the Intention Call Team

Emmanuel Bombardier
Isis Wilkinson


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Soul Dancer
Michael Grady

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