Emmanuel Bombardier

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Emmanuel Bombardier, has mastered the Science and the Art of our never-ending technological evolution.

Combining his traditional business knowledge with the teachings of some of the Wealthiest people in the World, Emmanuel has been on the leading edge of this Evolutionary Shift. Over 5 years of personally working with Lions, Tigers, & Wolves in his home to owning 3 Debt Collection companies generating over 17 Million Dollars, this 25 year old man has Wisdom beyond his years.

He has been a consultant for Multi-Million Dollar firms and International Leaders such as Les Brown. Merging his Structural and Online genius with FLOW and his HEART in the lead, his businesses & ideas have grown exponentially.

With his developed skills in Vibrational Marketing, Branding, web 2.0, 3.0 & his incredible intuitive nature, he is now on a Mission to create the World’s BIGGEST Intention Call.

Listen to the Archived Call…

Emmanuel Lead the Health & Abundance Intention

Now, Emmanuel travels the world teaching a new way of BEing in Business with Ping! Intuitive Communications and is the Radio Show Host for Our Wish Radio.